See God Is Laughing At Us.

God and Pandemic.

See, it is clear that, we are part of nature not to eat bat or snake. If we will not change our habits, same thing will happen again again. If we will not adopt pure ancient methodologies (Pure Hinduism, Pure Islam, Pure Christianity, Buddhism etc) same thing will happen again again and we will be slave of even small viruses. These methodologies are not only religion, they tells us path of happy and peaceful life.

See how nature is Laughing at us. Nature is enjoying our struggle.

Beautiful. Something which no one can ignore.

Stay safe and stay healthy. ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ™

Published by Unique Soul

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4 thoughts on “See God Is Laughing At Us.

    1. Yes mam, universe is supporting us but we are only creating problem for nature. That’s why nature is balancing everything by herself. As everyone is locked down in their homes, pollution is minimum, crime rates are going down.. means nature is enjoying.

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