See God Is Laughing At Us.

God and Pandemic. See, it is clear that, we are part of nature not to eat bat or snake. If we will not change our habits, same thing will happen again again. If we will not adopt pure ancient methodologies (Pure Hinduism, Pure Islam, Pure Christianity, Buddhism etc) same thing will happen again again andContinue reading “See God Is Laughing At Us.”

My Version Of Money Heist Quote.

Pandemic. According to Berlin ” Sometimes Distance Is The Only Way To Find Peace” . But version of this quote is slightly different. COVID-19 cases are growing at very high rate. So, now ,we can only say that “Sometimes Distance Is The Only Way To Save Life” Thank You Everyone. Stay home stay safe. InContinue reading “My Version Of Money Heist Quote.”

Vincent Ehindero Award

Vincent Ehindero Awards!!! I would like to thank Chicky1968  for nominating me for the Vincent Ehindero Awards!!! It is an honor to be nominated for something I love. Chicky1968 and I are kindred spirits. She loves poetry and I loves humanity , she writes from her heart always. She’s also bilingo and does poetry in her native languageContinue reading “Vincent Ehindero Award”

Before Lock Down, Before Pandemic.

Few months ago, when everything was normal. Few months ago when nature was fighting with human interfere but we were enjoying by back to back trips. Now we are fighting with pandemic and nature is healing. Thank You for your time πŸ™πŸ€—

Beautiful Sunrise. Lockdown Days. Coronavirus outbreak.

Earth Day. Green and clean earth. Nowadays everyone is praying to God. Everyone is praying, so that, after end of this COVID-19 pandemic they can rise like sun, brighter and higher. Hoping for better tomorrow. Thank You.

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