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Thank you!

Thank you so much Tiani  Angela for nominating me to do this tag! I loved reading through yours and it made me excited to do mine. This is a great tag to do if you need put a smile on your face. It’s like going down memory lane for me.

The Rules

List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

My Favourite Feelings


Watching the sunrise every day has helped me see light within myself—potential, possibility, peace, and the feeling that which is awesome. Feeling which is a source of positive energy for me.

Solo trip

Many people cannot understand the feeling which I get during my solo trips. Freedom, Happiness, Sole searching meeting with strangers.

Laughing so hard it’s almost impossible to breath

It is the same as Tiani Angela. . It’s so fun to keep uncovering similarities! Once upon a time, I become unconscious for half minutes because at some random topic I was laughing so hard and I couldn’t breathe. It is my favourite feeling because at that moment I forget everything. 

Playing with kids

I don’t think any explanation needed to explain why it is my favourite feeling.

Being alone in my room

Alone I can imagine any thing without any disturbance. Alone, I can peacefully make plan to fulfil all my dreams.

Talking to my mother and irritating her

Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing increases social interaction , leads to a rise in creative problem solving, preserves pre-existing knowledge so I feels satisfying by getting some extra knowledge.

Getting food after you’ve been waiting so long

If you’re anything like me, you get HANGRY. Give me the food or you’ll get the ‘tude. No, but seriously, I am not the same when I am hangry. When I finally get to eat it’s like nothing even happened and I’m good as new!

Long road trip

road trip is that perfect opportunity to forget all your worries and make memories along the way.

My Nominees

Maria Mocha


Tangie T. Woods



That CitTy Girl

Sonia Madaan

Sondang Saragih


Anyone who is reading this feel free to participate if you want to do this tag! Make sure to let me know because I would love to read your favourite feelings.

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14 thoughts on “10 OF MY FAVORITE FEELINGS TAG

  1. I can definitely relate to tbe sunrise and laughter of children….any child but especially my own❤❤❤ this is a beautiful post and I really needed the uplift today after a difficult day yesterday. Thank you for including me, I will get to work on it😊🙏

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