Lock Down Day-21.

COVID-19 Pandemic- Threat for humans but opportunity for nature.

Morning of hope.

Look below at condition of super powers. Look at condition of ultra developed countries.Now we can only hope for better tomorrow. No body knows how it will end. Everyone is living in their homes with fear. From last 2 months economy is standstill and world is shutdown but COVID-19 cases are increasing..Now we can only pray for better future… Stay home ,stay safe.

Condition of super powers.

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4 thoughts on “Lock Down Day-21.

  1. Everything is in this world is for some good reason. We may or may not understand that reason. Likewise, every problem comes in our life to teach us something good. We due to our limited knowledge and wisdom, we see only at the problem itself. Rather, we should focus more at the solutions than the problem itself. Corona has given us the opportunity to admit that human capacity is limited, the capacity of science is limited, science has come out from nature not the vice versa, wisdom has given birth to science not the vice versa, and that we should never overestimate science, or any human trait. We are nothing to Nature. We ought to live as per Nature.

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    1. True and if we will not live according to nature then nature knows better, how to balance everything. Now nature is healing herself.. Thank you Sandeep for knowledge sharing 🙏🙏


  2. Anch’io sono d’accordo con i precedenti commentatori: non rompere le scatole alla Natura perchè prima o poi, lei le romperà a te in modo molto più pesante . Ci credevamo la chicca del Creato, lo eravamo dopo aver inventato la carabina. C’è molto per riflettere, pensare, fare.

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