Day -2 . Lock Down

Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic

β€œWhat is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” Abraham Maslow

My Isolation πŸ’“ 26-03-2020

The second day of lockdown. For me it is not lockdown, it is an opportunity to understand myself. It is time for own SWOT analysis.

Day by day COVID-19 cases is growing. Honorable Prince Charles and Prime minister of UK Boris Johnson test positive of corona virus. That means no one is safe.

We are all in a very challenging situation. According to the IMF chief we have entered a recession worse than 2009.

Now we can only sit in own home and hope for better tomorrow.

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12 thoughts on “Day -2 . Lock Down

  1. Your SWOT analysis brought back memories of college, the last time I heard the term was 2011 during a business management course. I think it’s a valid term in this case.
    See too many people assuming they are not at risk because they are under 60 and don’t have certain health issues. I fall in neither category, but Dad raised me with the axiom – Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

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      1. Stay safe as well. I had not thought of SWOT analysis in many years and found your post useful. I have been shelter in place for several weeks before the County instituted it a couple of weeks ago. My favorite Internet cafe went to takeout only before most other chains followed suit.

        Guessing their management team ran some kind of a SWOT analysis.


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